Luigi Ontani

    Montovolo (Bologna), 1943 Ontani, body art exponent, at the beginning of the 70s undertakes an artistic investigation, experimenting the most varied techniques (photography, painting, sculpture on different materials) and using his own body to examine the ambiguity and complexity of human nature. He combined irony and narcissism in a crossed game between sacred and profane,… Continue reading Luigi Ontani

    Paola Pivi

    Milano, 1971 Paola Pivi’s artistic practice is diverse and enigmatic. Combining the familiar with the alien, the artist often works with common objects which are modified to introduce a new scale, material or color, challenging the audience to change their point of view. Animals are often cast as protagonists in her world: a donkey photographed… Continue reading Paola Pivi

    Martino Gamper

    Merano, 1971  Starting as an apprentice with a furniture maker in Merano, Gamper went on to study sculpture under Michelangelo Pistoletto at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. He completed a Master Degree in 2000 from the Royal College of Art, London, where he currently lives. Working across design and art venues, Martino Gamper engages… Continue reading Martino Gamper

    Lara Favaretto

    Treviso, 1973 Based in Turin, Lara Favaretto’s practice ranges from site-specific and audiovisual installations and performances, to found objects, paintings, photography and sculptures. Her investigations explore the ambivalence of aesthetic forms and concepts of negation, the durability of objects and the ephemeral nature of events. Her work is always the outcome of profound conceptual research… Continue reading Lara Favaretto

    Francesco Vezzoli

    Brescia, 1971 Currently, living and working in Milan, Francesco Vezzoli’s practice can be described as a series of strong allegories about contemporary culture with a rich subtext of elaborate references involving video installations, petit-point embroideries, photography, live performances, media experiments and -most recently- classical sculpture. He has exhibited his works in the most important international… Continue reading Francesco Vezzoli

    Elisa Sighicelli

    Turin, 1968  After studying in London, Sighicelli’s work has been extensively exhibited in Italy and abroad. Known for her experimental approach in photography, Sighicelli merges materials that have different tactile properties and textures, to analyze the ways in which reality reflects itself. In the exhibited works, she examines ancient statues such as Aphrodite and the… Continue reading Elisa Sighicelli

    Vittoria Chierici

    Bologna, 1955 Chierici, painter and filmmaker, is an example of Italian artist that has left a mark in the international scenario. In 1989 she was nominated to represent Italy at the Tokyo international exhibition, 7 Artists. Later, Chierici starts developing her ongoing research interests in the Italian masters of Renaissance, with a project on the… Continue reading Vittoria Chierici

    Bertozzi & Casoni

    Giampaolo Bertozzi – Borgo Tossignano (Bologna) 1957Stefano Dal Monte Casoni – Lugo di Romagna (Ravenna) 1961 Founders Giampaolo Bertozzi and Stefano Dal Monte Casoni, have focused on the artists and the motivations for a “new ceramics” in an effort to bridge the gap, supporting it with respect to other artistic forms. During their artistic life,… Continue reading Bertozzi & Casoni

    Massimo Antonaci

    Taranto, 1958 Based in New York since the 90s, Antonaci started his career by experimenting with the magmatic and opaque quality of tar and the transparent and pure quality of glass. Focussed on finding metaphysical meaning, Antonaci embarked on several pilgrimages throughout his career; on these journeys, the artist used Polaroid film to capture, in… Continue reading Massimo Antonaci