Nicola De Maria

    Foglianise (Benevento), 1954 Based in Turin, De Maria is a founding member of the Transavanguardia, the pivotal neo-expressionist group of the late 70s. Nowadays he is known for his playful abstractions painted in bright primary colors. Sometimes painted on multiple walls, De Maria’s large-scale compositions challenge the space in which the painting ends and the… Continue reading Nicola De Maria

    The painter Mimmo Rotella, in his studio, is seated on a stool in front of some of his works about cinema. Milan (Italy), 2004.. (Photo by Pino Montisci/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)

    Mimmo Rotella

    Catanzaro, 1918 – Milano 2006 Mimmo Rotella was an Italian artist and poet, best known for collages made from torn advertising posters in a medium which he called “double décollages”. When he moved to Rome, Rotella started being associated with the Lettrism movement and became known as one of Les Affichistes, an artist group credited… Continue reading Mimmo Rotella

    Gian Marco Montesano

    Turin, 1949Montesano is a solitary figure in the Italian panorama: despite being a painter, he theorized the death of painting, which can no longer portray anything but itself. In his works he analyzes traditional iconography, sacred images, still life, landscapes and flowers by portraying them in a bold, exaggerated and thus unreal, cold and deadly… Continue reading Gian Marco Montesano

    Alberto Biasi

    Padua, 1937 Based in Padua, Biasi was an Italian painter that in 1959 founded the ‘Gruppo N’ that introduced, through a method of collective investigation, the “progressive demystification of the artist-artwork-society relationship”. In the visual research field, from the optical-dynamic reliefs and decomposable objects, it follows up kinetic images, as a result of the light… Continue reading Alberto Biasi

    Giulio Paolini

    Genoa, 1940 A main figure in conceptual art, Paolini began his activity in Turin in 1960. His poetics focuses on issues that question the conception, occurrence and vision of the art pieces. From his first investigations around the constituent elements of painting, his attention was subsequently oriented on the exhibition act, on looking at the… Continue reading Giulio Paolini

    Giovanni Anselmo

    Borgofranco d’Ivrea (Turin), 1934 Based in Turin, Anselmo is considered one of the legendary artists in the contemporary art scene and also one of the founders of the Arte Povera movement in 1967. The research on different materials and the possibility to suggest through them the physical and immaterial energies that animate art works, has… Continue reading Giovanni Anselmo

    Agostino Bonalumi

    Vimercate (Monza), 1935 – Desio (Monza), 2013 A self-taught painter, Bonalumi began to show his work at a young age. He started developing the concept of what he would call “pittura – oggetto” (painting-object), following the idea to go beyond the canvas, started by the mentor Lucio Fontana. In 1961 at the Kasper Gallery in… Continue reading Agostino Bonalumi

    Getulio Alviani

    Udine, 1939 – Milano, 2018 His eclectic career as an artist involves many different practices: from programmed and optical art to graphic design and architecture, from research to active cultural promotion, from industrial design to curating. Throughout his life, Alviani has also dedicated himself to the study of problems relating to structured plasticity, visual communication.… Continue reading Getulio Alviani

    Rossi & Rossi

    Hong Kong, London Founded in 1985 in London by Anna Maria Rossi, who was later joined by her son, Fabio, the Italian gallery operates from its headquarters in Hong Kong’s South Island Cultural District, as well as a showroom and office in St. James’s, London. A pioneer in the development of contemporary Asian art, Rossi &… Continue reading Rossi & Rossi


    Turin, London Founded in Turin in 1986 by Giovanni and Anna Pia Mazzoleni, over the past 30 years Mazzoleni has organised solo and group exhibitions of more than 200 prominent Italian and international artists from across the 20th century, with a focus on italian art from the post war period and recently the contemporary panorama.… Continue reading Mazzoleni