Giovanni Anselmo

Borgofranco d’Ivrea (Turin), 1934

Based in Turin, Anselmo is considered one of the legendary artists in the contemporary art scene and also one of the founders of the Arte Povera movement in 1967. The research on different materials and the possibility to suggest through them the physical and immaterial energies that animate art works, has always been the focus of his artistic research. Dialectical couples have fascinated the artist as well. In particular, the visible of the material and invisible energy within the object itself. Indeed, Anselmo believes that “most of reality is invisible and it is the visible things that give us the possibility of deducing the invisible.” 

Alfonso Artiaco

Exhibited artwork

Giovanni Anselmo
Infinito, 1970 
Photography framed in plexiglass
50 x 40,5 cm
Courtesy Alfonso Artiaco, Napoli 
Photo Francesco Squeglia