Lara Favaretto

Treviso, 1973

Based in Turin, Lara Favaretto’s practice ranges from site-specific and audiovisual installations and performances, to found objects, paintings, photography and sculptures. Her investigations explore the ambivalence of aesthetic forms and concepts of negation, the durability of objects and the ephemeral nature of events. Her work is always the outcome of profound conceptual research and her practice is a balance between failure and aspiration that emerges in powerful, almost violent, actions while appearing with stunning aesthetic quality. In 2019, she exhibited her artworks at the Venice Biennale.

Galleria Franco Noero

Exhibited artwork

Lara Favaretto
L. F., 2006
B/w photography, rubber, gold pushpin
4 × 11.2 × 8.4 cm 
Edition 21/21
Courtesy the artist and Galleria Franco Noero
Photo: Sebastiano Pellion di Persano