Lucio Fontana

Rosario (Argentina) 1899 – Comabbio (Varese) 1968

One of the best known Italian artists of all times, Fontana was a painter and sculptor. Member of the french group ‘Abstraction-Création’, in 1935 he joined the Abstract Italian artists movement. During his artistic life, space has always played an important role. Indeed, he drew up the ‘Manifesto Blanco’, which marked the beginning of his ‘spatial’ experiences. Holes and painted canvases often mixed with glass fragments, cuts in the canvas; many were the techniques used by Fontana, together with the interest in pottery. In 1966 he received the International Grand Prize of painting at the Venice Biennale.


Exhibited artwork

Lucio Fontana
Concetto Spaziale, Attese, 1959
Ex. Unique
Green and yellow aniline on canvas
60 × 80 × 2 cm