Luigi Ontani

Montovolo (Bologna), 1943

Ontani, body art exponent, at the beginning of the 70s undertakes an artistic investigation, experimenting the most varied techniques (photography, painting, sculpture on different materials) and using his own body to examine the ambiguity and complexity of human nature. He combined irony and narcissism in a crossed game between sacred and profane, myth and fable, eastern and western culture. Among his works, there’s the renowned series of the ‘Tableaux Vivants’, where he presented himself in the dual role of author and model. Ontani’s art pieces have been presented in national and international fairs, including various editions of the Venice Biennale.


Exhibited artwork

Luigi Ontani
riFiuto, 2014
Ex. Unique
Wood and natural color
80 × 40 × 20 cm
Courtesy MASSIMODECARLO and the artist