Massimo Antonaci

Taranto, 1958

Based in New York since the 90s, Antonaci started his career by experimenting with the magmatic and opaque quality of tar and the transparent and pure quality of glass. Focussed on finding metaphysical meaning, Antonaci embarked on several pilgrimages throughout his career; on these journeys, the artist used Polaroid film to capture, in his words, ‘what the ego-less eye is able to see when in a state of physical and mental exhaustion’, which resulted in a number of series (including Walking Alone in One’s Body, Self-Portrait). In 2000, Antonaci founded the publishing house Aurea Vidyā and started working with non-profit institutions, ‘making space to create while in silence’.

Rossi & Rossi

Exhibited artwork

Massimo Antonaci
Cornerstone, 2019
Glass, oil and nails
60 x 60 cm
Courtesy of Rossi & Rossi and the artist