The painter Mimmo Rotella, in his studio, is seated on a stool in front of some of his works about cinema. Milan (Italy), 2004.. (Photo by Pino Montisci/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)

Mimmo Rotella

Catanzaro, 1918 – Milano 2006

Mimmo Rotella was an Italian artist and poet, best known for collages made from torn advertising posters in a medium which he called “double décollages”. When he moved to Rome, Rotella started being associated with the Lettrism movement and became known as one of Les Affichistes, an artist group credited as the forefather of Street Art. In 1961, he was invited by Pierre Restany to join the New Realism movement. A few years later, in 1964, he represented Italy at the Venice Biennale and, up to this date, he has been pivotal in post-war European Art.

Cardi Gallery

Exhibited artwork

Mimmo Rotella
Fiori, 1975
Signed on frame, centre on verso: “Rotella”
Artypo on metal sheet
74.2 x 74.5 cm
Courtesy Cardi Gallery