Since his arrival in 2019, the Director of Italian Cultural Institute – Hong Kong Stefano Fossati has conducted an intensive campaign for the promotion of various aspects of Italian culture in the area: music cinema, art, design.

This varied and multifaceted initiative, which has already generated a number of exhibitions and events regarding important figures of Italian culture, has now been grouped under the general title Italian Style. It is a year-long project in which many aspects of Italian culture will be examined in order to trace the features of a style which, although intuitively recognizable, are fleeting and elusive.

What is the Italian style? What aspects link the Italian culture of the past to the current one like a thread spanning the centuries? What elements run through the various arts and ​​convey a unified character on contemporary visual art, design and fashion, beyond their respective individual languages? What makes the Italian attitude different from the German or French one?

The project tries to answer these questions through a series of exhibitions and events in various locations in Hong Kong that will culminate in 2022 with a large Italian Style exhibition. A specific section of this website, the Journal, will collect texts and interviews of artists, thinkers, designers, entrepreneurs who are all involved in the exciting, albeit maybe impossible attempt to define the Italian style.

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